6 Ways To Eat Healthy While Going Green


Everyone likes to save money and whether that transfers to food, clothing or utilities, every little bit helps. Sometimes, there are places you can spend less that you probably hadn't even considered, and many of them are right in your own kitchen. If you thought you were already cutting as much energy use as you could, there's still more you can do by simply cooking the right way. Here are six suggestions for eating well while living a greener lifestyle.

Supplement Your Solar

If you've already switched to solar energy in your home, you're way ahead of the game. Did you know you can supplement it even more? When you integrate an LG chem battery into your home, it works seamlessly with your rooftop solar panels to store energy. That means never being without power during an outage, or in the evening, and never having to serve peanut butter and jelly because the lights are out. You'll have the earth-friendly, renewable energy you need when you need it.

Chill Out With Cool Meals

Cold dishes taste so good, especially during the hot weather. They can also save you precious energy during the summer months and, more times than not, these dishes are healthy. While you're living a green life, try to eat green, too. Prepare salads made from a variety of leafy greens topped with a rainbow of vegetables. Add mouth-watering deli items like lean turkey, olives and hummus. Boiling whole wheat pasta is simple to make, too, and can be made into macaroni salad that will last for days. Try to eat a cool meal a couple of times a week.

Get Grilling

Gone are the days of spending hours in the kitchen to prepare a fatty meal while using up hours of electricity to make a roast. Pinching your pennies when you cook usually means preparing uncomplicated meals and that's a great excuse to get grilling! You can create an entire meal outside on a gas grill and spend almost nothing. Marinate chicken, steak and vegetables for a nutritious supper that takes under a half hour to prepare.

Break Out the Wok

One of the most healthful meals you can make in a flash is a delicious stir fry. Since you're searing meats and vegetables at very high heat, this tantalizing dinner takes almost no time at all. The key to saving energy with this meal is to prep all your food ahead of time. Slice up all your onions, peppers, bok choy and lean meats. At the last minute, break out the wok, heat with a high smoke point oil, like peanut or avocado, and saute your ingredients. Add a dash of your favorite spices and you've got a colorful feast in minutes.

Eat More Whole Foods

When looking to spend less time in the kitchen, try to stick with whole foods as much as possible. This means eating fruits and vegetables as close to their natural state as possible, without doctoring them up with sugar, cheese, heavy sauces or creamed soups. For example, try either steaming vegetables, roasting them in olive oil and sea salt, or lightly sizzling them in oil and garlic. Try the same with fish. For dessert, eat fruits and berries as they are, with a light splash of cream.

Have Breakfast for Dinner

If you love breakfast, serving it for dinner can have you eating in no time flat. Chop up some onions, peppers and mushrooms and fold in some eggs for a satisfying omelet. Shake it up a bit with spinach and chopped tomato. Love the heart-friendly benefits of avocado? Toast some whole grain bread, mash an avocado and spread it on the toast along with an egg or diced veggies.

Control How You Cook

While you can't control utility prices, you can control how and when you decide to use them. Being frugal when you cook doesn't mean you have to sacrifice nutrition. By choosing the most environmentally sound power sources available and using healthier methods of preparing foods, you'll eat well, save time and expend less energy.


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