How to Make $1700 Chocolates From Scratch

From the "How to Make Everything" YouTube channel

One of the interesting things about this channel is they don’t just stop at sourcing the main ingredient. And when I mean source, I do mean source, as the producers went to origin (Soconusco, outside Tapachula in Chiapas state, Mexico) to harvest cacao, ferment, dry, and roast it. While in Mexico, they also collected fresh sugar cane with which to make sugar. Surprisingly, they dehydrated milk (not recommended because of the potential for contamination) and then ground it up to make milk powder. The manufacturing of the actual chocolate was done at the K'ul factory (now closed) in Minnesota.

There are a number of technical issues they got wrong (the description of fermentation) and the pronunciation of Criollo as "carillo" was pretty (though unintentionally) hilarious. However, their grasp of the overall process was pretty strong.

It's a fun video to watch – but take the technical aspects of the process they show down in Mexico with a very large grain of salt.

The follow-on video, "How Did the $1700 Chocolates Taste?" is also pretty fun.