Cacao Fruit Juice

While definitely NOT a low-calorie beverage - it is very tasty, and very versatile

If the Latin name for cacao translates to Food of the Gods, then this must be the Nectar of the Gods.

With 50gr of sugar per bottle this is not a low calorie food. However, it will make:

  • Great spritzers
  • Phenomenal cocktails
  • Spectacular southern-style sweet iced tea (replacing all that sugar)
  • Transformative green juice (as an add-in)
  • Life-affirming granita and sorbet
  • Intriguing pates de fruit

And so much more - I have only scratched the surface of potential uses.

To find out if it's available in your neighborhood, visit the Repurposed Pod website.

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indi chocolate just used it on a kale salad with caramelized nibs and pears as one of the dishes for a high cost fundraising dinner and people loved it.


There is no added sugar. The sugar content in Cacao Juice is naturally occurring.


Question: how much of it is added sugar vs. sugar that occurs naturally in the pulp?


Ow. 50 grams of sugar and it's just over 8 ounces. Don't drink this stuff if you're thirsty or you'll find yourself even more so. Could be great as an ingredient though, as you suggested, especially if the flavor is cocoa-intensive (IMO).