What Not to Buy the Chocolate Lover on Your List

Who knew the world even wanted a peanut butter cup cutter?Photos from the maker's site.


There is so much that is offensive about this product that it’s hard to know where to begin.

I am also more than faintly amused that Goop, which is known for suggesting that women put interesting (?) things in their bodies in the name of clean, healthy, living is recommending that Goopers eat cheap candy.

My already low opinion of Goop takes a further nosedive because they think this utterly unnecessary device is awesome. In a way, I suppose it is: It’s an awesome waste of money, time, and resources, and everyone involved should be thoroughly ashamed that this device made it past any sort of sanity check.

My father coined a phrase to describe things like this:

Anything not worth doing is not worth doing well.
Robert M. Gordon, sometime in the 1960s

Sold by Gentner Design (and I guess conceived and designed by them, as well), the device in question is a purpose-built guillotine cutter that slices a single peanut butter cup into four pieces. For those who are too lazy to use a knife, or who, for some reason, don't think it's okay to actually touch a peanut butter cup before eating it, though it’s somehow okay to eat something you don’t want to touch. Amirite?

If you really do have the free cash floating around these holidays to consider purchasing such a mindbendingly useless (IMO) thing, I encourage you to think about supporting your local small-batch specialty chocolate maker or any one the many organizations working to elevate the lives and livelihoods of smallholder cacao farmers around the world.

Or, consider sponsoring TheChocolateLife in 2018. It would be much appreciated.

HT to Coveteur for bringing this to my attention (via a Google Alert).

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First of all, GOOP is -- IMHO -- just code for useless info. Not a place to get health information at all. Heavy on philosophy, low on actual facts, and also loaded with useless products. A zillion things no one needs and often health information no one should be told -- again, IMHO. If someone has this kind of moolah to spend, just buy some really good chocolate instead and provide the world, cocoa farmers, and artisans some real benefits, while giving yourself some real enjoyment.


Who in the world wants 1/4 of a chocolate peanut butter cup????