The Healthiest [sic] Candy Bars (as Ranked by Several Nutritionists):

(Source Huffpost/AOL/OATH) – Sure, fancy chocolate is great and dark chocolate contains beneficial minerals and antioxidants, but there’s something so wonderfully nostalgic about a drugstore candy bar.

There’s nothing wrong with occasionally enjoying a treat just because it’s sweet. Even registered dietitians agree. Meredith Price, founder of Priceless Nutrition & Wellness, told HuffPost, “I am a self-proclaimed chocoholic and absolutely believe there is room in a healthy diet for chocolate and other sweets. I’d prefer to choose healthier options like dark chocolate. However, if someone enjoys a Snickers bar every now and then, that is 100 percent OK.” Price added that the important thing is to focus on incorporating beneficial foods into your diet (fruits, vegetables, whole grains, etc.) rather than getting caught up in which foods to limit.

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