Reading List: Cocoa and Chocolate, Their History From Plantation to Consumer


“ALTHOUGH there are several excellent scientific works dealing in a detailed manner with the cacao bean and its products from the various view points of the technician, there is no comprehensive modern work written for the general reader.
“The industry with which this book deals is changing slowly from an art to a science. It is in a transition period (it is one of the humours of any live industry that it is always in a transition period). There are many indications of scientific progress in cacao cultivation ... the increased amount of diffused scientific knowledge of cocoa and chocolate manufacture should give rise to interesting developments.” —Arthur W Knapp (February, 1920)
Cocoa and Chocolate, Their History From Plantation to Consumer was published in 1920 – so any reference to modernity is out of date. Nonetheless, this book provides valuable insight for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of the cocoa supply chain. Reading this booked help fill in gaps in my understanding of historic timelines and many other details.
Highly recommended.
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