My global database of chocolate makers most of the craft-scale, but some larger ones including Guittard and Agostoni/ICAM just hit 600 entries from 80 countries in 8 regions.

It seems like I run across a new one every day on Instagram or elsewhere else.

It's tedious work to regularize/normalize the schema and edit the contents of each entry so that actual meaningful analysis can be done. One important task was to de-dupe entries across multiple online sources and even within the same source.

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Some more stats from the db:

208 makers in the USA 38 in Canada 35 in France 34 in the UK 25 in Australia 22 in Brazil 19 in Peru

The Peru number will be adjusted (way up!) after reviewing the results for the 2018 ICA National Competition. I know Brazil is much higher, too. (If you are in either country - or are in another country - and want to help keep on top of local makers, please let me know!). Getting good sources is really important!