Discover Chocolate, The Second Edition, Underway!


I am in the process of writing the 2nd edition of Discover Chocolate, which will be a complete rewrite, and which I will self publish.

There have been at least three How To Make Chocolate books published over the past six months so I am not going to duplicate that work. As I did in the original edition of Discover Chocolate — which can still be purchased on Amazon — I am going to look at topics those books did not cover and write about those topics as well as cover the ground I want to cover.

This edition will also incorporate my Faces of Chocolate portrait series as well as photos from my travels to origin since 2003.

1) Would you rather wait until the book is finished and buy it as a DRM–free digital download.


2) For a discounted price, would you prefer subscribe to a premium channel here on and read the book in serial form (bi–weekly updates) as I work on it? I would publish in story format so you can comment on what I am writing. I will make the finished book available in an ePub version for subscribers at no additional charge when it's complete.

Subscribers would also get access to free updates and special bonus content for as long as they remain subscribers.

I am thinking of making the subscription $19.95/year. The ePub on its own would probably cost $24.95 — the same price as the first edition.

Please let me know in the comments.

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I am planning to do a ~128-page print edition that will include a link to download the full book as a PDF. This way I can produce the print edition cost-effectively in short runs. This also means that people will be able to have a print edition for gifting and for selling at retail. I am not sure if I will be offering this for sale on epub stores including Amazon.

If the demand is there I will print a hardcopy edition of the complete book, but I'd need an advance commitment for 1000 copies to make that happen unless I find a publisher for it.

I plan to do this in every language starting with English. The first translation will be into French because I patron has stepped up to make that happen. I am looking for a patron to help with the production costs of a Spanish-language version.


will there also be a book format apart from the epub? i have been looking for the original around, but couldn't easily find it (i have myself to blame because i have this 'rule' of not buying of amazon) - , would surely be interested in a new volume. I'd opt for 1 but prefer a hardcopy.