Discover Chocolate 2nd Edition - June update


Good progress has been made on a couple of fronts since the May update.

The most important bit of progress is that I have found a short-run digital printer who will print the books - full color, up to 256 pages! - for a very reasonable price. This means I will be able to sell complete physical books and don’t have to consider a complex mix of physical and digital selling to make the book affordable.

One company wanted to charge me $60 per copy to print 100 copies of an 8x10 full-color paperback. Obviously, that’s not sustainable as a serious business proposition. Most of the prices I was quoted were in the $15-17 range, also too high if I wanted to keep the suggested retail price reasonable and be able to offer bulk buyers the standard publisher discount of 40% off list price.

The next bit of progress is that I have found an editor to review my writing. She’s a neighbor and my daughter Alex just happened to be her student in grade school – first grade, if I remember correctly.

Next up, I am making progress on the writing front. I have managed to find the manuscript chapters I submitted for the first edition and they are informing the writing I am doing. There is a little borrowing and it’s been easier to find detail and inspiration than poring over a copy of the book.

And finally, I want to announce that the writing has inspired me to start a new video interview series that I will be calling :30 Minutes With ...

The video interviews are going to be informal, with little to no editing apart from adding bumpers, and are going to be uploaded to TheChocolateLife on anexclusivebasis. The first interviews are scheduled for before the end of June and I plan to start uploading and publishing them weekly to bi-weekly starting the first week in July.

If you have some specific people you’d like to see featured (or want to be interviewed yourself), please let me know in the comments below.