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Founded in April 1977, FBM celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017

Founded in April 1977, FBM celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2017 as a company known for introducing a stream of innovative small-to midsize machines for chocolate, confectionery, bakery, and ice cream/gelato applications.

From a lineup that included machines for tempering chocolate and dropping biscuit doughs, FBM added cooling tunnels, enrobing lines, and melters to its product line in 1980, added compressor–based cooling capabilities in 1987, and introduced custom CPUs enabling digital–control in 1990. The focus on delivering innovative solutions continues today with the introduction of the first specifically designed to meet the unique needs of craft chocolate makers—continuous tempering machines built to handle high-viscosity craft chocolates and the first purpose-built conche for small batch makers, among many others.

The current owner, Umberto Boscolo, purchased the company from its founders in 1997.

Today, FBM's product line includes a broad range of continuous and batch chocolate tempering machines and accessories, machines for portioning and shaping a wide variety of doughs for cookies and biscuits and more, machines for small-batch chocolate making, machines for panning, cooling tunnels for enrobed items and molds, machines for gelato shops, and even decorative chocolate waterfalls.

New for 2018 - FLUXO decorative waterfall for retail/restaurant locations

With customers in more than 100 countries, FBM maintains an active global presence, attending approximately two-dozen trade fairs each year and hosting classes and showrooms around the world. All of FBM's machines are made to order. This means each machine can be customized to meet a customer's unique requirements, when needed. A customization can be as simple as extending the length of the take-off section of an enrober belt to developing entirely new classes of machines.

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