Become a ChocolateLife Moderator


Over the past few years, TheChocolateLife has grown to the point where it’s becoming increasingly difficult for me to keep on top of everything that needs to be done, especially when I am traveling. I want TheChocolateLife community to grow and improve on its ability to serve the needs of the cocoa and chocolate world going forward. theMaven enables me to reach a broader audience and be an even more inclusive

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer moderator, here’s how you can apply:

  • Sign up for an account. Make sure to create a username and add an avatar photo.
  • When you’ve done that, send me an email with your username at iwannabeamaven[@] and tell me a little bit about yourself - what your passion for chocolate is and why you want to be a moderator.
  • I’ll be in touch to review what needs to be done to ensure the new TheChocolateLife is the place online to keep in touch with the fast moving world of cocoa and chocolate.

What does it mean to be a moderator?

It means you get to share your passion for cocoa and chocolate with the rest of the world on TheChocolateLife - the world’s largest online community specifically about cocoa and chocolate. You’ll be adding new content (original stories and links to news items), with a focus on where you live and about what are truly passionate about when it comes to chocolate: tasting, travel, sustainability, tech … you name it.

It means you can grow your community and your voice and your reach by helping chocolate fans of all flavors - TheChocolateLife community spans the gamut, from cocoa farmers to enthusiasts to chocolate makers and confectioners to celebrity chefs - around the globe. I am confident that number can more than double in the next year with your help.

But it also means you can help me keep TheChocolateLife a place where people want to visit and ask and share by interacting with ChocolateLife members by liking their posts and responding to their questions. As a moderator you can also help me edit or remove unsuitable content and you can also move content that’s in the wrong place to the correct place, merge conversations about the same topic, and more.

Not to be overlooked is the fact that I take my helping people out very seriously. If you’re helping me out as a moderator, you’re going to be able to get hold of me really fast when you want to.

And remember, if you have any chocolate questions, TheChocolateLife is the place to get them answered.
:: Clay