Orange is the new ... Green?

On the right is the land treated with orange peelsSource: Tim Treuer

The story of how an agricultural waste product – discarded orange peels –
turbocharged a Costa Rican forest

Sixteen years after a controversial biodegradation plan allowed 1,000 truckloads of orange peels to be unloaded onto a barren, deforested area of Costa Rican land, a team of Princeton researchers has discovered unexpectedly positive results.

The area that was covered with orange waste is now a lush, overgrown forest with richer soil and more tree species than the adjacent land that was untreated.

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wow this is indded great effort and this should be adopted by other countries also.



I think this is a very cool example of taking what might end up in a landfill and make good use of it. However, politics – once again – stopped what is now known to be a very promising program.