TCL 2019-2020 Global Events Calendar


This calendar (scroll down) focuses on chocolate festivals, conferences, and educational events and trips to origin around the world. 

There are two primary use cases for the calendar:

  1. For event organizers, the calendar is a way to see if there are conflicting events somewhere in the world that overlap and/or may conflict because they draw upon the same audience or exhibitors/sponsors.
  2. For event goers, the calendar is a planning guide.

In addition to events specific to the world of chocolate, there are also events in other areas of the food world and industry events (for example, South Beach Wine and Food Fest and the Fancy Food Shows), food holidays (e.g., World Chocolate Day), and educational and travel programs.

As you can imagine, this is an ongoing endeavor and cannot be considered comprehensive. My initial focus has been to get international and US-based events listed.

If your event is not included in this calendar and you would like it to be, or if there is an error in any listing, please visit the following link (to a form on Airtable) to provide the information. If you are providing an update/edit, please refer to the full name of the event from the Event Name field.