**Grenada Chocolate Festival Update** …


Grenada Chocolate Festival Update

Join a celebration of Grenada’s natural eco-friendly resources and fertile environment and enjoy the Chocolate Adventure of a Lifetime:

  • Explore the island’s rich history, visit organic cocoa plantations nestled in lush Caribbean rain forest

  • Hear the story of Grenada’s chocolate, dance the cocoa, make your own chocolate and indulge in delicious chocolate-inspired cuisine and cocoa-infused island life!

  • Experience the chocolate making process from Tree to Bar

  • Meet our cocoa farmers and be a Cocoa Farmer for a Day

  • Learn about the Healthy Benefits of Dark Chocolate

  • Hear about the fascinating History of Cocoa and Chocolate

  • Wander through tropical Theobroma Cacao Forests

  • Taste Chocolate with specialists from around the world

  • Be inspired by Caribbean Sceneries, design, music and cuisine

  • Indulge in all things chocolate

For more info go to: www.GrenadaChocolateFest.com