February 5, 2020 - World Nutella® Day


Wednesday February 25th is World Nutella Day 2020.

Nutella is a variant of archetypal Italian chocolate product, gianduia. In spreadable form, the technical term in Italian is spalmabile.

In advance of the day itself you may wish to spend some time reading up on the history of gianduia, which includes an extensive look at Nutella – as well as some gourmet alternatives – in a 35-part series over at the DallasFood.org website.

These days, Nutella finds itself as an ingredient in hundreds if not thousands of different items from their morning toast to a topping over ice cream to a filling in crepes and baked goods from buns to croissants, to both hot and cold beverages. Many people like to lick it off a spoon.

Looking for more Nutella inspiration? Check these recipes out:

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What’s your favorite way to consume Nutella? What are some of your favorite Nutella alternatives? Let us know in the comments.

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