Beyond Bean to Bar Class - Oct 25-27 JMA School, Las Vegas, NV

NEW DATES! Products you can make with artisan/craft chocolate that are not bars. Sponsored by FBM.

There are many things that can be made with artisan/craft chocolate besides bars.

Bark, for one.

However, many who identify as bean-to-bar chocolate makers make only bars. Craft chocolate bars – especially ~70% two-ingredient single-varietal/origin chocolate made in a melangeur – is without a doubt the most competitive segment of the marketplace, with one influential retailer saying they accept less than 5% of new submissions.

A key goal of the class is to get participants to go well beyond thinking outside the box; to challenge participants to think of themselves as more than bean-to-bar chocolate makers – to think of themselves as chocolate makers and to ask themselves what can be made with the chocolate they make.

In order to be truly innovative**, it’s not enough to think outside the box, you need to forget what boxes are.
— Clay Gordon**

In this class, participants will learn basic techniques for turning small batch craft chocolate – made on the premises by Jean-Marie Auboine and staff – into a variety of delectable items. We will also take a look at ways to spark the creative process to come up with new product ideas.

Participants are encouraged to bring products they are currently making, including bars, for tasting and review by primary instructor Jean-Marie Auboine, co-leader Clay Gordon, and by the rest of the class participants. Basic chocolate making techniques will not be covered during class hours, it is assumed that participants already know how to make chocolate.


Current FBM customers and students from prior FBM/JMA classes, $350/pp
Active FBM prospective customers: $500/pp
All others: $750/pp
Tuition for three-day JMA classes is normally $1050/pp
Discounts are available when booking 2 or more students from the same company.

About the Organizers

Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolatier
4780 W Harmon Ave, Ste 1
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

JMA Chocolatier is a premium handmade chocolate company, crafting decadent chocolate and confections daily. Classically trained and highly awarded Master Chocolatier Jean-Marie Auboine, has more than 25 years of expertise and passion, to create fresh gifts pleasing to both the eye and the taste buds.

Legnano (Milan), Italy

FBM introduced continuous tempering technology into the artisan confectionery workshop in Italy in 1977 and ushered in the digital revolution to their customers in 1990. Today FBM offers continuous tempering machines with working bowl capacities of 4-100kg, melting tanks, batch temperers, and machines for making chocolate from cocoa beans, panning machines, and dough depositors, as well as melted chocolate dispensers for retail gelaterias.

Clay has been working professionally in chocolate since 1998, when he started selling high-end chocolate products from Cluizel and Domori to top restaurant and hotel kitchens in NYC. In 2001 he started publishing, one of the first professional chocolate rating/review blogs. His first book on chocolate, Discover Chocolate, was published in 2007. In early 2008 Clay shuttered to focus attention on growing online community in chocolate –