Bean–to-bar class in Las Vegas – May 29-31, 2018

The class of April 2015 at the buffet table at the conclusion of the three–day course.

May 29th through 31st at the Jean–Marie Auboine School, sponsored by FBM. Class size limited to 12.

This is the fourth year this class has been given, and is again being co–taught by ChocolateLife founder Clay Gordon and Jean-Marie Auboine in his manufacturing facility/school in Las Vegas. Clay and Jean–Marie have more than 15 years of combined experience making chocolate and more than 40 years years combined experience in chocolate, confectionery, and pastry.

Over the three day course, participants will be involved in the hands–on production of chocolate from sorting beans all the way though to tempering, depositing, and wrapping. At least two different completed batches of chocolate will be made, a dark chocolate and a milk chocolate. The focus is on the processes of making chocolate, not solely teaching the use of specific machines.

Topics to be covered in class:

  • Costing and other business issues
  • Bean selection, sorting and cleaning
  • Roasting and roasting profiles
  • Recipe development
  • Cracking and winnowing
  • Grinding and refining
  • Conching
  • Tempering, molding, and depositing

Time to discuss a wide range of topics related to chocolate making in an AMA (Ask Us Anything) format is scheduled over the course of the class.

Tuition for current FBM customers: $350 (~65% discount). Tuition for prospective FBM customers: $550 (~50% discount). Tuition for others $750 (~25% discount) if booked through TheChocolateLife. Tuition for three–day classes booked through the JMA school is $1050. Tuition includes lunches all three days, one group dinner, two group gatherings at the HQ hotel, and daily r/t transportation from the HQ hotel to the JMA school.

If you are interested in attending or for more information, send an email to