Who can Post a Classified?

Classifieds (For Sale and Wanted to Buy) can be posted - at no charge - by any member of TheChocolateLife whose primary business is not offering goods or services to chocolate makers or confectioners.

The only exceptions to the above guidelines are:

  1. Any member may post classifieds concerning cocoa beans at no charge.
  2. Any member may post classifieds concerning semi-finished products (nibs, liquor, butter, or powder) at no charge.
  3. Members producing finished chocolate at origin may post classifieds at no charge.

If you or your business do not meet one of the above exceptions and you would like to promote your business, product(s), and/or service(s) on TheChocolateLife, please consider supporting TheChocolateLife through advertising or sponsorship. DM @DiscoverChoc for information. One of the benefits of supporting TheChocolateLife in this way is featuring ads in the top carousel.


Free Classifieds listing are for approximately 30 days from the date of last activity. At that point, the listing may be deleted to reduce clutter and to ensure that only fresh, active, listings are shown. If the item is still available for sale it may be re-listed.

Classified Format

Please use the following format:

  1. Title - F/S or WTB (For Sale or Wanted to Buy) followed a no more than 5 word description of what is on offer or wanted.
  2. Story Header Image - You MUST upload or link to an image.
  3. Deck - The first information in the Deck is where you are located. At least the country, but City and/or State/Province is preferred. Follow that with a Tweetable overview (not more than 140 characters) of what is on offer or wanted.
  4. Story Body - Post more information about what is on offer or wanted. You can also upload more images.
  5. Contact Information - Rather than posting your phone number or email address (which will likely end up in a search engine), ask people to DM you using your username.
  • When there is a completed transaction, please update the text of the Deck to indicate that the item has either been found or is no longer available.
  • If a classified consists of more than one item and there is a partial transaction, please update the existing classified rather than creating a new one.

Disclaimer of Liability

TheChocolateLife is acting as a referral service only and is not liable for damages, either consequential or inconsequential. Parties to any transaction assume all risk and liability among and between themselves. By posting or responding to a Classified you certify that you understand this disclaimer.

Story Header Image Credit—Chronicling America. Sponsors: U.S. Library of Congress and National Endowment for the Arts via Wikimedia Commons. This image is in the public domain.

Post updated on May 1, 2019.