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Since founding TheChocolateLife back in 2008 it has always been free. Free to join and free to use. One major reason is the support I have received from Partners.

Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of TheChocolateLife and closing in on my first full year on The Maven Network, I am expanding Partnership options to include tightly integrated, managed, programs that include sponsorship of rooms, newsletters, discounts on a wide range of equipment, and more.

FBM Srl (Italy )

FBM introduced continuous tempering to the small confectionery workshop in Italy in 1977 and has continued innovating ever since.

ChocolateLife member discounts are available on the entire range of FBM products (melting and holding tanks, batch and continuous tempering machines, folded/vertical and horizontal cooling tunnels, panning machines and belt coaters, dough depositors, and granite melangeurs for making chocolate, on orders placed through TheChocolateLife.

For more information on FBM equipment send email to tcl_info@

Alternative Air (USA)

Alternative Air manufactures temperature and humidity–controlled display and holding cabinets for chocolate and confectionery.

Discounts are available on orders placed through TheChocolateLife.

For more information on climate-controlled display solutions available through Alternative Air, send email to tcl_info@

Become a ChocolateLife Partner

Interested in partnering with TheChocolateLife and reaching a highly involved global community of chocolate lovers of all flavors? Send email to