F/S – Special Offer on FBM Kleego 50 Melter Mixer Conche – Seattle

For bean-to-bar chocolate making; 220V single-phase. Suitable for two-ingredient chocolates as well as recipes that include cocoa butter.

Available for immediate delivery, this demo Kleego is new/unused and is currently in storage in the Seattle area. The Kleego is versatile multi-tasker in many craft chocolate workshops around the world. 

The Kleego is an all-in-one melter, mixer, and dedicated true conche.

Special Offer

  • 20% discount off €12,260 list price. 100% rebate on export crating.
  • Shipment from Italy to Seattle and customs clearance costs included.
  • Buyer pays only for shipping from Seattle to their location (we can help arrange if you don't have a freight company you work with).
  • Pay in US$ to a US bank via ACH or check.

About the Kleego

FBM’s Kleego has been on the market for five years now. It is the first dedicated conching device designed specifically for craft chocolate makers. It was sized to take a 35kg batch from a 65L bowl capacity wet mill/grinder/melangeur and can make transformations to chocolates in two hours that would take up to two days in a melangeur.

Conching evaluation log sheet - Dom Rep 68%
A conche log showing flavor development of a 62% DR recipe. Conching was completed in 50 minutes after 36 hours in a Lehmann melangeur. This conche log was from the recent bean-to-bar class sponsored by FBM at the JMA school in Las Vegas.Clay Gordon

The Kleego simultaneously works on both flavor and texture. 

Independent control over working bowl temperature, air temperature, and stirrer speed give chocolate makers repeatable, digital, control over results. 

Top and bottom-mounted stirrers provide the shear necessary to efficiently and effectively break up particle agglomerates and coat particles with cocoa butter. The speed of the bottom stirrer can be changed to control the amount of shear.

The temperature of the working bowl can be controlled from ambient to over 60C. Forced hot air is blown over the top of the chocolate with a small extraction fan to efficiently remove unwanted volatiles. Once the desired flavor profile is reached the temperature can be dropped without affecting flavor development while continuing work on texture.

 A continuous circulation pump moves chocolate from the bottom of the working bowl to the top ensuring that each batch is processed evenly.

A dedicated 220V 30A circuit is recommended.

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Interested in purchasing this Kleego? DM me for details!