F/S –Savage Brothers 50 lb programmable temperer w/ dosing pump

Programmable temperer with timed dosing. Woodstock, IL.

We've used this machine for years to temper and dose chocolate. Requires water line for water jacket used to heat chocolate and compressed air source for timed dosing. Chocolate is dosed with a foot pedal press. Heating and display interface powered by 110V (standard wall outlet).

Programmable to start tempering at a certain time according to a preset curve. We typically set it to start at 7 AM and it is ready by 9 AM when we come in to work.

$4000. Ships from Woodstock, IL.

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Afternoon! I'm interested in the machine. Would you mind answering a few questions? What year was the machine built? Are you the first / only owner? I can be reached at chef@charmschoolchocolate.com. Looking forward to talking soon!