F/S 2oz Chocolate Bar Molds - Washington, DC area

67 2oz Chocolate Bar molds for sale. Each mold produces 4 5x2.25x0.38" bars.

I'm selling ~~97~~ 67 2oz chocolate bar molds. They are Tomric mold #G-402 and are the 2oz mold listed on Chocolate Alchemy. They have 4 bar cavities measuring 5x2.25x0.38 in (127x57x10 mm) each.

These molds served me well for several years. I recently purchased custom molds for my chocolate company and don't need them anymore.

All 67 molds are completely usable, with no damage to the bar cavities whatsoever. 39 of the molds are in great shape, with no noticeable issues or damage at all. 19 of them have minor cracks in one or more of the corners due to be squeezed a little too hard. These mostly just feel like a little ridge at the corner. The remaining 9 have small holes from the same issue. See images below for examples. Again, none of the mentioned cracks or holes affect the bar cavities at all.

These molds are available online for $13-$18.50 each. I'm selling them in lots of 10 for the following prices (plus shipping):

$8/mold for molds in great condition

$7/mold for molds with minor cracks at corners

$6/mold for molds with holes at corners

Please email me at info@potomacchocolate.com if you're interested.​

Mold with minor crack at corner:

​Example of mold with hole at corner:

No. 1-1

I updated this post to reflect that 30 of these molds have sold.