We are looking to redesign our chocolate bar wrappers. Does anyone know if we are required to wrap / seal / etc our bars before putting an outer label on them? I would prefer to design an all in one wrapper that has foil / wax paper on the inside, so I can slide in my bar like an envelope and then fold the top over to seal, essentially saving a ton of labour costs (or machine upgrades).

Has anyone had experience with this? Or is there something preventing me from approaching it this way?

I have seen a lot of bars in box style packages with an inner foil, or sealed plastic bag, but none to my knowledge merging them together.

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Hey Clay, thanks for your reply. I believe I have a solution to make it environmentally sealed, and save a ton of labour in regards to wrapping. If all goes to plan Ill send one your way!



@SoulChocolate -

To the best of my knowledge, there are no specific legal requirements as you ask.

However, from the perspectives of food safety, insurance liability, and product quality, the packaging should ensure that the bar of chocolate itself is completely environmentally sealed, and there is some sort of tamper-evident closure on the outer wrap.

Can you can accomplish the above with your approach?