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hello, i am thinking of getting a transfer sheets printer. Do you have any model suggestions? Is it really worth it? Is the ink expensive? thank you

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A little bit of research suggests that the online vendor Inkedibles may be a place to start your research.

I have no idea what your parameters are when it comes to costs. The recommendation is a dedicated printer, not one where you swap between regular and edible inks and these cost at least $350 each and can cost over $400. Edible ink cartridges are more expensive than regular inks. What you miss out on is the range of colors you can print. A company making transfer sheets for you can print in metallics and you're not going to get those colors on a home printer setup. Also, the make at home transfers are better on white and milk chocolate surfaces than they are on dark chocolates.

If you are making one-off transfers (one sheet) or very short run (up to 10 or so) printing your own may be cost-effective with a lot less waste. If you need a large number of transfers getting them done professionally is going to be the better route.