Still trying to figure out how to use all this information available to me . Just joined today . Need help in using cocoa butter. I want to make truffles using coco butter in the molds by painting them . I tried yesterday but Chocolates would not come out of molds . I know Chocolate was tempered. But coco butter may not have been . Not sure about tempering coco butter , and how to do it . What temperatures to use etc . Thanks in advance for information!!

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I know there are ChocolateLife members who are conversant in this process.

According to many, the cocoa butter needs to be tempered but others say no. The temperature of the room, the temperature of the cocoa butter, and the temperature of the molds all need to be carefully balanced to get the best results.

Here's a link to a discussion on TheChocolateLife archive site with some info that may be of help to you: