Organic Chocolate. Looking for a source of milk free, organic chocolate, in the United States, in approx 5 kilo packaging in 60, 70, 80 % blends? 2) are cacao trees routinely sprayed with pesticides?

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@Ddonald - To start off - cacao trees are not routinely sprayed with pesticides as most cacao is grown on smallholder farms. Cacao grown using more “modern” farming technique, including high-density open-sun patterns often is. But, organic farming regulations limit what can be used.

Basically, you're looking for either a kosher-certified dark chocolate or a chocolate that is advertised as being allergen-free. Agostoni, from Italy's ICAM is one brand to consider. A good source for small-ish quantities is going to be Contact them and they can let you know quickly what they have. Barry-Callebaut, Valrhona, Kakao Berlin, and many other brands come to mind as possibilities.

You might also look to see if there are some local distributors, including Chef's Warehouse who offer options. Chef's Warehouse has an online store that anyone can order from.