My friend's son wants to be a chocolatier! He is 25 and anxious. Currently he lives in Washington State, but he is looking for an opportunity to intern anywhere in the world. Not afraid of hard work. He will exchange his hard work for good training. He has funds to take care of his own room and board. Any ideas are welcome. ddenova1@yahoo.com

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Francois Royal
Francois Royal

I suggest he read some chocolate books before he goes for training! as he can build some Idea and right questions to ask! become chocolatier was the hardest journey to accomplish in my life compared to pastry or culinary! its very amazing career and complex of challenges which he will face ounce he start his own. Ive wrote a book called CCG its great for student. check it on my website www.cocoachocolateganache.com, its great to build a base and then hunt for apprentice.