Milk chocolate Problems! Whats wrong? …


Milk chocolate Problems! Whats wrong?

Hello Team, i tried following recipe: 1.5kg cacao nibs 750g sugar 400g milk with a premier wet grinder i put step by step all ingridients together and i have run the grinder 26h. after that i stored the chocolate. after one week i molded the chocolate. tempering was a bit hard to get the right temperature since i used the seeding method. (maybe i did not also succeed to temper it good)

after molding the chocolate i put the chocolate in the fridge for hardning for 4 hours.

unmolding the chocolate was not a big issue. the chocolate had shiny look. i wraped the bar in a aluminium foil and keeped them onto the kitchen table.

so, after one week the chocolate bars look like in the picture with white dots and they do not look delicious.

so do you have any idea what i have done wrong?

  • was it not correctly tempered`
  • did i store it in the wrong place? how do you store normally chocolate?
  • is it a matter of the recipe?
  • should i use lecithin for milk chocolate? does not it work without?

i would be happy for any recommendation and advise.

i have to say that the viscosity of the chocolate was too high after 26 hours conching. it was too thick and was hard to temper and mold. Now i melted it again, add 200g cacao butter for 2kg chocolate and i will conche it for additional 12 hours.

Many Thanks for your answers.