List Of Equipment Required For Small Scale Chocolate Business


05/29/13 08:14:58PM

We are still a very young company, but have been able to get going with a usedHilliard Little Dipper tempering machine, a fist full of dipping forks, & cups/boxes I was able to secure. We make cream centers and are building up the ability to produce more volume.

Short list of equipment

  • Book by P. Greweling Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the Artisan Confectioner - It's fantastic and will really help. The latest edition has info on setting upa chocolate shop.
  • Tempering Machine (Many will say this is optional, but make your life easier & spring for it.)
  • Depending on if you'll do Ganache, Cream Fondant, Caramels... you'll need different pots, kettles. You'll be the best judge here.
  • Dipping Forks
  • Molds as you suggested.
  • We have used a Square & iPhoneto process credit/debit cards. It works fine.
  • Discovering that caramel will not stick to buttered parchment paper was a fantastic discovery for us.
  • A good thermometer or two
  • Refrigerator
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Panning equipment (optional)
  • Display cases - Refrigeration may be needed
  • ?? Humidity Controlled Display Cases??
  • A caramel cutter (rolling pin style) is useful, but you can get by with a knife & ruler.
  • Assorted bowls, measuring spoons, cups, scale...
  • wax paper

Please forgive the disjointed list. Just to re-emphasis the book I listed above has been a great help to me and many others.


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05/30/13 03:07:

Hi Larry,
Thanks for the valuable info. I will buy the book and am sure it will be helpful. When did you start your chocolate business?

@Andal Balu
06/02/13 10:03:27PM

Do you want to start from couverture or from beans?

06/03/13 12:33:24AM

I am kinda new in this industry, hence would like to start from couverture.

06/03/13 12:21:16PM

Chocolate has been a family tradition for years and years, but we started selling last October.

06/10/13 05:32:18AM

Thanks, appreciate your honest reply.

@Lisa Morley
01/14/14 05:16:13PM

Hi Larry -- Do you use your caramel cutter for ganache slabs? I'm just starting up a little chocolate business myself and if possible would prefer to not shell out thousands on a guitar cutter if I can just use a caramel cutter.


01/14/14 08:43:46PM

You can just as easily use a pairing knife and a ruler. A little bit of practice and you,ll be able to get at least 100 square in 20 cuts. Total investment $ 5.

01/15/14 02:39:23PM

All our centers are fondant, so I can't really speak to how it would do for ganache.

With the fondant, we just use the caramel cutter to score the fondant and caramel, then cut it with a long chef's knife.
A guitar cutter is on my short list of equipment to buy though. I dream of how much time could be save with a guitar.

04/18/17 02:32:16AM

Sounds good in this thread, hmm. Any recipes to shareeee.. :D