I just bought an ultra grind+ and made one batch of chocolate with it but when I scrape the bowl there is this black stuff 😭. Is it bearing grease? Rock dust with cocoa butter? Has anyone else seen this before? I’ve used a Spectra in the past and never noticed this stuff before. TIA

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@Lookimawave -

Did you wash out the machine before you used it the first time?

Chances are it's stone dust. With new machines you need to aseemble them than half-fill the bowl with water and run for maybe ten minutes then dump. Repeat until the water is completely clear.

Disassemble the grinder then let everything dry completely before reassembling for use.

However, now that you've used the machine wash all the chocolate out, reassemble, fill with water and run again. If it's not clean, it's something else like grease.