Hi, I am looking for small fruit pieces I can incorporate in my chocolates. Any idea where I can buy them. I have tried freeze dried fruit in white chocolate, but it colours the chocolate and turns into powder. I tried plum and the white chocolate bar turned into purple.

Cheers Cookieco

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@Cookieco - one source for dried fruit is Oh! Nuts - http://www.ohnuts.com/buy.cfm/bulk-dried-fruits but most of what they have probably needs chopping down into smaller pieces.

Another source is (confusingly) Nuts[.]com - http://nuts.com/wholesale/driedfruit/apricots/ - again I did not look for organic options.

Sun Organic Farm - http://www.sunorganicfarm.com offers organic options but only what looks like whole fruit. Also Bella Viva Orchards - http://www.bellaviva.com/organic-dried-fruit

I did a quick search on " bulk dehydrated fruit pieces " to find the above.