Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone has encountered this problem. I have been using a 2L, Premier Wonder grinder for the past 3 years, making small 1kg batches. Now, mastering the art of larger batches, I wanted to grind nibs and cocoa butter without sugar. My question is this, is there a known flaw with this machine, that allows the mix to migrate between the stone holder spindles and granite wheels? In a recent batch, I had nibs + cocoa butter in a fairly thin ratio running for approximately 4 hours, I stopped the machine, removed the wheel holder and noticed metallic pools had formed either side, where the granite wheels were. As I usually add sugar, I’ve never encountered this happening before, my only other thought being I over tightened the end nut and the washer revolved against it, though I am not entirely convinced by this scenario, as there was grey cocoa butter on the stone holder spindles when I inspected it. Has anyone else encountered this problem, is there a solution or is it simply a case of not having quite a thin nib/butter mix in the machine? Eager to hear any ideas.

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@ukmike - this is something I would communicate directly with the importer/distributor of the machines about. That's Diamond Custom Machines (DCM) at There may be something going on with your specific machine as this is not something I have heard much about.