Hi all

Just like most others I am struggling to find custom packaging in smallish quantities. So I am considering actually making my own packaging but cant seem to find food grade cardboard/paper to make them from.

I am looking to get a plotter/cutter to create the boxes for my products.

So can any one suggest a place for cardboard/paper or is there a work around to use ordinary card, like wrapping separately internally then boxing. Mmmm hope I get some insight to this problem.

Iamin the Republic of Ireland as well so europe area solutions are preferred but USA an option.

Thanks in advance Jai

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@ChoCallow - I was able to find a retail supplier of food-contact-safe paper stock in the UK https://papercutz.co.uk/coated-paper/folding-box-board via Google. You might try http://www.paper.co.uk/products/ - it's impossible to use the site from outside the UK.

There's a good source for FDA-certified food-contact-safe products here in the US called PaperTec. http://catalog.papertecinc.com/category/food-grade-products.

I like the idea of using a plotter/cutter to make small runs of custom packaging.