Hey all. I've been gone from this community for a few years now. We went thru a name change and now I'm back!
So we make a lot of hot chocolate & drinking chocolate in our store. This requires grating our 70% chocolate. We are using a kitchenaid mixer with a shredder attachment which recently broke. I am looking for a better system but cant find anything. Does anyone have an idea of how I can upgrade to something that could output shavings quicker and more efficiently? Thanks so much!

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Do you temper your chocolate? If so - why? Untempered chocolate is a lot easier to work with (grind/grate) than tempered chocolate for this application. Companies like Robot Coupe make vegetable graters that can be used at very low speed (don't want the chocolate to melt), or commercial cheese graters.

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This question has come up many times on the various chocolate forums over the past several years. Generally, people just chop the chocolate in a food processor or vertical cutter mixer. This produces a granular chocolate that melts pretty easily.

Another option is a chocolate shaving machine. This is what I'd like to upgrade to at some point. I've seen them from Prefemac (over $4k) as well as some knock offs available on Ebay and Alibaba that ($800-$1500).