Hello! I'm doing some experiments with 39% milk chocolate formulas but I've been experiencing some issues regarding its viscosity. The formulas I've tried have 37.9%, 38.5% and 40.2% total fat. I'm using a ball mill and the chocolate gets to a point where is way too thick and doesn't flow.. at all. I have added lecithin at the end (0.5%) and it improves but not much.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue? any advices? any easy-peasy milk chocolate recipe I should try?

Thanks :)

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Hi Daniela - can you give me some more information please? What would be useful to help better understand your scenario would be:

  • What's the origin of your cocoa beans, do you know how fermented they are (ie have you performed a cut test on them), and even better - bonus points if you can answer this one - do you know the fat and moisture content of them post roasting?
  • Can you provide your exact formulation? Ingredients, %'s, and type of milk?
  • Is your ball mill water jacketed?
  • Are you using fluid lecithin or granular?

I don't check the board all that often, so if some time goes by after you respond and i don't see it - please feel free to PM me to remind me to look at the post.