experience with single-speed food processor and grinding chocolate

Viva Cacao

Does anyone have experience with a single-speed food processor and grinding chocolate?

I want to know if it will work for smaller runs of production and get me through for now. I am aware of the melting issue and wonder if anyone else has experience with this. I currently have been using a super cheap non-commercial processor and it, of course, can't handle the load so I am looking to upgrade but I am not ready to invest in the more costly machine that has a lower RPM and need something to get me through for now.
The machine I am looking at is the Robot Coupe R2N and it has an RPM of 1725.
Or a similar lower end commercial processor but they all have a single speed. It is not possible to get dual-speed unless you speed over $5000.

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As I suggested in your earlier thread on this topic, try using a stand mixer with a grater attachment. The nice thing is you might have a stand mixer already and the grater attachments are pretty cheap. Stand mixers are also variable speed.

If you put some ice or dry ice in a small cooler and attach a fan and some flexible hose you can make a spot air chiller. You can blow cold air into the grinding mechanism to keep things from melting. There should not be any problem with humidity if you do this right.