Does anyone here know how to reverse the auger in the FBM Unica? I added 10% nibs as an inclusion into the chocolate and now the auger won't bring the chocolate up. I can't find an instruction manual anywhere. Thank you!

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Isaac -

Which version of the Unica do you have? The process will be different based on the version (when it was built). Quick question - does the auger auto-reverse when you turn the auger off or is there a black button the left-hand side of the machine. You do want to make sure to turn the cooling system off and heat up the bowl temperature to make the chocolate as fluid as you can.

Also importantly, have you contacted FBM support. I know it's the weekend and they're not there, but they do want users to report all problems so they can address concerns going forward.

If you received the machine new there should have been a physical printed manual with it.