Cocoa Bean Shells: What can you do with them?

Out of curiosity, what can be done with cocoa beans shells after roasting, cracking, and winnowing?

We have quite a bit (few 100kgs..) and we are looking into creative ways to use them ... Any idea around the chocolate globe?

Originally posted by Antonino Allegra.

@Vivika - Did you ever get the shell tested ... for heavy metal contamination (cadmium, lead), mycotoxins or other pathogens, or the presence of pesticides/herbicides?

Using shells as an ingredient without knowing what's in them can pose serious health risks.

I just created a box made from paper infused with cocoa bean shell. We did a small production run to see if the paper was going to give us production problems and it ran fine. We will be offering for sale Jan 2018, FYI Custom sizes are available. In addition, I am in the market for Cocoa bean shell if you have too sell please contact me.

I have heard of people using shell in packaging before. Have you tested to make sure that the paper is food contact safe if the chocolate rests directly on the paper? In the case of another manufacturer they found that it was necessary to have a barrier in between the product and the paper.

As part of the program we do plan on including a corn starch based barrier bag that is self sealing.