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Taken in southeastern Ecuador during the 2005 University of Chocolate trip.Photographer unknown.


Having a problem in production? Want to know more about farming? Fermentation? Drying? Conching? Need an opinion on a piece of equipment?

I started TheChocolateLife back in 2008, in large part, to crowdsource the answers to questions I did not know the answers to.

The discussion forums on TheChocolateLife have been the most active parts of the community with an uncountable number of questions asked and answered. The willingness to share experience and knowledge is one of the great attractors to and of TheChocolateLife community.

Posting Guidelines

Before posting, please take a look/search to determine if your question – or one like it – might already have been asked and answered.

Be respectful and patient towards others in your answers.

TheChocolateLife community consists of members of all levels of experience and interest, from people just starting out on their journey to those who have worked for years and decades in cocoa and chocolate, from farmers to chocolate makers to chefs. This diversity is one of the core strengths of TheChocolateLife community, along with our shared interest and passion for chocolate.

It can be frustrating at times for more experienced members. In those moments it’s important to remember that each of us once knew nothing and that we relied on the kindness and patience of others.

Story about the listing image — This is a picture of me in a hammock (taken with my camera but I forget by whom) at the Kapawi eco-lodge in southeastern Ecuador a short motorized canoe ride from where the Kapawari flows into the Rio Pastaza along the Ecuador/Peru border. This was taken in October, 2005 during a University of Chocolate trip organized by Pierrick Chouard of Vintage Plantations chocolate, one of my early mentors in the business. Also on this trip were Shawn Askinosie and the founders of Choctal ice cream, among others.

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@bethingbird -

To search, click on the magnifying glass icon in the left nav. If there are no results then nothing will be displayed.

You should use the story format if you have one or more pictures to post. If you don't have any photos then you can use the conversation.

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also not clear if I should post questions as a conversation or a story with a title?


Hi Clay, can you explain how to search on this site? I have trouble ever since the site changed to maven.


Thank you for the guidelines. I appreciate everyone's input and experience.