Adding cookies to bonbons and shelf life issues: I know that items such as cookies or feuilletine must be coated in cocoa butter/chocolate if they are to remain crisp in ganache or caramel, but does including something like shortbread or a cookie do anything to lower shelf life or present other problems with safety? Thanks for any advice.

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@jim-dutton - The answer is ... maybe; a lot depends on what you are adding and its shelf life. If you have any questions about shelf life you should do the testing. At the very minimum you should test for water activity (aW). The amount of free water in a recipe is a primary determinant of shelf life at room temperature. Water is the medium in which spores will grow. The ingredient you add could have spores, or you could be mixing some in after opening and breaking down into small pieces.

Regulations for working with pasteurized milk (when making ice cream for example) require that the milk be repastuerized after opening because it is assumed that simply breaking the seal on the container and opening it will introduce bacteria that must be killed by heating.