Kitchology Top 3: The Best Imitation Crab Recipes


The Best In Imitation Crab Recipes

Another week and another set of favorites! Dietary restrictions with sea food vary for sure from allergies to ethical to simple preference. Among the items that are common to change in the your menus is without a doubt crab. There are some amazing seafood dishes that just aren’t the same without the texture and flavor of crab and people simply forfeit some of their favorite meals because crab meat is out. The following are Kitchology’s favorite imitation crab recipes to reunite you with your love of the sea, enjoy!

Crab Alfredo (Imitation Crab)

This little beauty delivers the rich creamy flavor of a solid Alfredo with a delicious texture and flavor from the imitation crab. The guys at Spark Recipes have it nailed down with this one. On the downside the recipe will not be usable for those among us with a gluten allergy unless you have a killer recipe for gluten free noodles. Regardless, for those who can still eat noodles with all that gluten in them this recipe delivers a great sea food experience!

Crab Salad (Gluten Free/Imitation Crab)

This salad is great for lunch, snack, dinner side, you name it! Don’t let its simplicity fool you either this salad comes packed with great flavor and really could be a great compliment to a surf and turf style plate. Yummly knows how to get it done right and this recipe doesn’t fail to deliver. It’s simplicity not only makes it tasty but it also offers a quick solution when you are caught in a bind. Fast, tasty and a convenient addition to several meals, you need to give this one a whirl.

Crab Cakes (Imitation Crab)

Suffice it to say we could not possibly give you a roll call of crab recipes without crab cakes. A staple in the seafood world these little beauties deliver. A sweet and salty cacophony of flavors this crab cakesrecipe is at the heart of what Kitchology is all about, experimenting. This recipe was altered from a traditional crab cake recipe in order to meet dietary restrictions and not only does it deliver we couldn’t taste the difference! Kudos to the Daily Meal team for this little beauty!

Best of the Best?

These were some of our favorites but suffice it to say that we barely scraped the coast line when it came to all the great recipes out there! What are your imitation crab favorites? If you try one of these let us know your thoughts or what you would change to improve them even further! Big thanks to the teams at Yummly, Daily Meal and Spark Recipes for these killer crab meals!


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