Kitchology’s Top 3 Gluten Free Romantic Valentine’s Desserts


How better to do that then with food? The way to a man’s heart is clearly his stomach and women adore a man who can cook! Sometimes though blowing away your sweetheart can be difficult if they are gluten free. So many traditional goodies are seemingly wiped from the slate. Rest assured that Kitchology is off to the rescue, here are our top 3 Romantic Gluten Free Desserts!

Gluten Free Smores

Nothing is more romantic the cuddling up next to an open fire with a loved one. So why not bring food to the party? Smores make fire cuddling that much more fun as they make a mess every where and create a lasting memory! Nobody has nailed gluten free smores quite like Gluten Free Gigi. Her recipe is sweet, simple, and sure to satisfy!

Gluten Free Truffles

These little beauties pack a punch! Chocolates and Valentine’s Day go hand in hand and these awesome bite sized beauties are loaded with chocolatey goodness. A hand made batch of truffles will go a long way in the romance department and set you up for a great day! There are lots of recipes out there to choose from but we found the team over at Deliciously Organic has nailed this recipe!

Gluten Free Eclairs

We have campfires and chocolate nailed down so we were puzzled as to what our last piece of the puzzle should be. We scoured the nations best known for their expertise in the love department. There were many great recipes out there but in the end joli Paris took the win! These amazing eclairs are the perfect end to an amazing Valentine’s feast and best of all they are super simple to put together. Big shout out to the Glutenista on these perfect Parisian pastries!

Valentines Favorites!

Those are our picks but we are well aware that every couple has their own special meals and favorites when it comes to special occasions! Let us know what you thought of these awesome desserts or let us know your favorite in the comments below. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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