Kitchology’s Top 3 Gluten Free Beers


Light up the barbecue, get out the party snacks and of course wash it all down with some frosty cold ones. Unfortunately for the gluten free world finding that great lager can be a tough challenge. Have no fear! Kitchology to the rescue! The following are 3 must try gluten free brews that are sure to satisfy!

Harvester Fresh Hop IPA
Harvester Brewing is a completely gluten-free brewery. If you’re familiar with the current craze of fresh-hopping, in which fresh hops are transferred to the batch within hours of picking for maximum flavor potential (they can also be muddled in a cocktail), you’ll be excited to learn that Harvester’s Fresh Hop IPA made with toasty chestnuts, white sorghum, certified gluten-free oats and only the freshest Williamette Valley hops is a a beer worth its weight in bar snacks.

Omission Pale Ale

This offering from Widmer Brothers is one of two exceptional de-glutenized beers they’ve launched — the other being a full-bodied classic lager. They can’t technically market them as gluten-free, since they use low-protein barley and are able to remove the gluten during the brewing process using an enzyme called Brewer’s Clarex. This extra step makes the finished product safe for the gluten-intolerant to drink, but true Celiac sufferers should probably still avoid it just in case. Definitely try this impressively delicious pale ale, it’s the first sessionable gluten-free beer I’ve ever tasted. Drink it now and drink it often.

Celia Saison

The tiny Alchemist brewery is a favorite for beer geeks worldwide for its incredible canned double IPA, Heady Topper, but its best-kept secret might be Celia Saison. Making great-tasting gluten-free beers is a personal mission for brewmaster John Kimmich, whose wife Jen was diagnosed with a gluten allergy in 2007. This sorghum-based beer combines Curaçao orange peel, Belgian yeast and crisp Celia hops. The ultimate test: I am not gluten-intolerant, bring on the pizza! I tried it and liked it before I found out what it was missing.

Our advice for those who keep it gluten-free is this: don’t be discouraged if you can’t find these beers in your local store alongside the Rolling Rocks and Coronas. Hit the nearest store with a respectable selection (by our standards). There’s a chance a brewery in your area might have a great offering, too. In fact, the last two gold medal-winning breweries for “Best Gluten-Free Beer” at the Great American Beer Festival were Colorado’s Strange Brewing Co.’s Lemon Pale and Nikki’s Honey Pale Ale from Rock Bottom in Arlington, Virginia, both brewery-only beers. Road trip!


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