Kitchology’s Celebration of Pi Day


That’s no typo, Pi. The long long long loved number that draws mathematicians like a moth to flame. For us however as foodies it allows us to take the obvious and clever play on the word pi and bring you the most delicious gluten free pie recipes from around the web!

First up is a must have for the die hard pie nut. Most lemon meringues fall flat with a crust leaving much to be desired. This little beauty however packs some mean flavor into a delicious crust and a true experience worthy of international pi day. Check out this great recipe here!

Next up we bring a much loved recipe by the team here at Kitchology. So the crust of your gluten free pie just isn’t turning out right? No problem! Drop the crust. This pumpkin pie recipe from Gluten Free Easy shows us how very little the crust can matter to a pie.

Last but not least we could hardly showcase the best of the best in pies without allowing an apple pie to grace the list. Often times people are looking for something fancy or a new fun twist when it comes to apple pie, not us. We like the classic traditional delicious apple pie like mom used to make…just gluten free! knocks it out of the park with this amazingly simple and traditional apple pie!


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