How To Show Important Appreciation With Amazing Seaweed


Can Eggs Reveal The Best Secrets to Magic Seaweed?

Seaweed has swept its way into the cooking world beyond sushi rolls. Filled with antioxidants, calcium, multiple vitamins and most importantly iodine, it is incredibly healthy for you. Also, see its cooking capabilities at Kitchology’s Eat.Better app.

Let’s first set the record straight by pointing out the difference between seaweed and algae. Not all algae are seaweeds. Inversely, all seaweeds classify under algae. Still confused? To further break it down: algae are single cell organisms while seaweed is made up of many cells and is readily visible.


I’m guessing you’ve at least tried a sushi roll before. Here’s a new idea! Next time you’re snacking during movie night why not reach for a bag of seaweed chips? Have you packed them in your child’s lunch? They satisfy your need for something crunchy as well as salty. Look for them at Asian grocery stores, specialty grocery stores and, most easily, online.

Feeling adventurous?

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous try making a bowl of Miyeokguk, Korean Seaweed Soup. Natives eat it on birthdays to remember mothers’ hard work in giving birth and raising their children. What an awesome tradition! Make someone special a bowl filled with seaweed, soy sauce, garlic and beef on their next birthday.

Want to appreciate this salt water algae even more? Right now my absolute favorite product on the market is VeganEgg. Recently, I used it to make allergen friendly brownies, French toast and funfetti cookies here at Kitchology. Guess what’s in the new egg replacer? It’s algae. How crazy is that! You know what? It’s amazing. It also makes great scrambled eggs. Note, it turned my cookies green once so hopefully that’s not an issue for you.

So, enjoy getting swept away experimenting with #seaweed. Please share the fruits of your labor with us @Kitchology and @Kitchenchick123.

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