How To Shine Full On Love For Canned Tuna


Enjoy Spotlight On True Revisited Canned Tuna Obsession

Talking to friends, everyone has a favorite canned tuna memory. Where do you fall on the taste spectrum? Do you prefer cold and creamy with a dollop of mayo or maybe greek yogurt and cut up veggies? Maybe, you’re in the hot and dreamy pasta with peas casserole camp. Cold lovers, do you skew into the slightly sweet world of apples and walnuts, raisins, or a touch of relish? What are your thoughts on cheese, hard boiled eggs, etc… I’m sure we could parse through tomes of hot and cold variations to find a dizzying number of permutations to enjoy this fine high protein food. Today, however, our sights are set on just one — burgers.

Endless Choices

For all our gluten sensitive non meat eaters, burgers made with packed omega 3 fatty acid rich tuna is one of the best ways to eat healthy on a still relative bargain. If we substitute gluten free panko crumbs for the traditional bread kind, we maintain the sought after crispy crunch from the grill. Fresh garlic or powder? That’s a personal preference, as are other seasonings. Do use some kind of egg component to bind your burger together though. For some extra variety, why not serve your patty with grilled onions and summer squash (cut them wide and long), a raw bed of kale or a bell pepper boat. Burger with a mound of guacamole, anyone?

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Burger Basics:

Serves 1 or 2.

Open densely packed canned 5 oz tuna and drain the water. Flake it with a fork to separate pieces into a bowl. Separately, beat an egg. Dice an onion. Mix together. Add 1/4cup, to start, binder like bread or cracker crumbs. Add seasonings. Form into a patty. Fry about 3 -4 minutes each side on non-stick surface or grill for extra flavor.

Make it gluten free…

Add gluten free panko bread crumbs (1/4 cup to start) or 2/3 cup rolled oats. Use something to soak up the moisture and hold the patty together.

Add seasonings…

Besides salt and pepper and maybe garlic powder, go with more parsley than dill (1tsp to a 1/2) and squeezed 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice…

Try with old bay seasoning…go spicier with chopped up jalapeño and crushed red pepper — leave in a few seeds — That should kick it up a notch!

Whatever you do, don’t leave out a juicy slice of beefsteak tomato or do you prefer the slightly sweet cherry ones…

Surely, we’ve left out an exponential number of ways to enjoy #canned tuna. We’re ready for you to add on @Kitchology and @Kitchenchick123.


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