How To Put New Spin On Old Quality Approved Hanukkah Desserts


We hope you’re enjoying a broad sampling from sufganiyot to rugelach as you remember ancient ancestors and their remarkable story. The infographic below helps walk us through a tasty selection of old favorites perhaps with a few new spins as we once again participate in our annual festival of lights.

As you may recall many Hanukkah foods are deep-fried in oil, symbolizing the oil from the menorah used in the Temple. Many recipes have been passed down through generations all committed to memory rather than print.

Who can make it through this eight day celebration without their fill of sufganiyot, or SOOF-gah-nee-OHT for the uninitiated? Hailing from the Hebrew for sponge, these jelly doughnuts soak up oil as do many of these holiday deep fried delicacies. Here are several recipes of this time honored tradition for you to sample:

Sufganiyot Recipe | Martha Stewart

Sufganiyot recipe |

Easiest Sufganiyot Ever recipe from Molly Yeh

We also want you to get your plentiful fill of honey this Hanukkah. The Bible tells us God proclaimed to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt to a land flowing with “milk and honey.”

 "hanukkah_erin"image source_flikr

Get your fill of Honey Cake:

Definitive Moist and Majestic Honey Cake by Marcy Goldman

Chocolate Velvet Honey Cake by Marcy Goldman

Traditional Honey Cake by Tori Avey

Biblically referenced Chocolate Cake illuminates any occasion so why not at Hanukkah too!

The Best Chocolate Cake Recipe {Ever} by Add a Pinch

The Best Chocolate Cake by My Baking Addiction

Beatty’s Chocolate Cake by Barefoot Contessa

Where would the Jewish holidays be without Apple Cake? It was introduced during the story of the Garden of Eden…

Jewish Apple Cake from Bubba’s Recipe Box

Philadelphia Jewish Apple Cake on

 "hanukkah_missy ward"image source_flikr

Hanukkah Cookies…a favorite for all time

Hanukkah Cookies or sugar cookies in symbolic cut outs are so popular they barely make it out of the oven, never mind the last day of the celebration.

Allrecipes has more than 20 trusted Hanukkah cookie recipes complete with ratings, reviews and baking tips.

Hanukkah Cookie Recipes

Last but not least, there are the nut or fruit combo rolled up Rugelach, pronounced (roo-ge-lahkh).

Smitten Kitchen features great Rugelach recipes. They include the Classic Recipe, Ring of Rugelach Spirals, Pull-Apart Rugelach Wreath, Pull-Apart Rugelach Log, Split and Twisted Rugelach Log Flop!


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