How To Make Your Coffee Extra Special


How To Pour Wonderful Preservative Free Love On Coffee

Preservative-Free Homemade Coffee Creamer and More!

Original Article written by Kirsten Nunez

To cream or to not cream your coffee – that is today’s question. The store bought kinds are so packed with mysterious ingredients and preservatives, you might reconsider going back to black. Ever considered a homemade option? Take a look at the infographic below (thanks PartSelect). There’s just no better way to start your day with a smooth hot cup of dependable coffee.

Get ready to flavor up with these homemade coffee creamers. Tailor them to your personal taste, your dietary restrictions and maybe even save a couple bucks! Bonus: they’re easy to make!

Nondairy Milks

Commercial nondairy milks are on the upswing. We can conjecture that the rise in lactose intolerance, heightened knowledge of questionable dairy industry practices or a wider assortment of alternatives all contribute to this phenomenon. Regardless of why, the industry is decidedly focusing on non-mammal sourced milks.

Currently, the most popular ones are soy, coconut, and almond. They are followed by cashew, rice, and pea protein. Each has its own unique flavor. Personal preferences aside, they all contain nutritional benefits that outweigh their costs. Additionally, they make it easier to enjoy your favorite dairy-based recipes.

Homemade Coffee Creamers

Want to give homemade creamers a shot? Only real ingredients need apply. Making them at home leaves processed sugar, sodium, and artificial colors behind at the grocery store. Let’s get started!


In a stainless-steel pot, combine 2 cups of your preferred nondairy milk of choice and 2-4 teaspoons of your preferred sweetener over medium heat. Popular natural sweeteners include brown sugar, honey, or maple syrup. Continue to stir until mixture is uniform. Watch that the creamer DOES NOT reach a boil! Add in any other flavors you prefer.

A few most-loved suggestions are: pumpkin pie, cinnamon vanilla, and peppermint vanilla.

Check out this illustration by PartSelect for a visual breakdown of these non-dairy coffee creamer alternatives:


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