How to Make More Valentine's Day Love


Hopefully you’ve removed any distractions. We have the perfect 3, start to finish, selections to ensure all systems are go for you and your sweetheart. Create the right cozy atmosphere and let your memories begin. Want even more ideas to enhance the mood? Shower your love your way with romantic recipes courtesy of Kitchology’s Eat.Better app.

Start with an aphrodisiac…

Set the tone off right with a can’t miss love potion appetizer. Entice your sweetie with a guaranteed aphrodisiac. Oysters are high in zinc and have a reputation for being great for love and fertility. Researchers say they contain amino acids that trigger the production of sex hormones. Suggestion: how about grilling them? No need to fuss with the outside grill either. Simply use a cook top grill pan to achieve the same desired effect.

Grilled Oysters with Spicy Tarragon Butter presented by Food and Wine. This easy to follow recipe uses simple, quick to prepare ingredients that only take 1-2 minutes to cook.

Grilled Oysters with Spiced Tequila Butter also from Food and Wine. Enjoy the combination of butter flavored with sage, oregano, lemon juice and tequila!

Not into oysters? Get the same desired effect with avocados. Thank the Aztecs who touted the avocado’s aphrodisiac reputation. Barbara Klein, professor of food and nutrition at the University of Illinois, told the California Avocado Commission that the fruit’s high levels of vitamin E may keep the spark alive because of its role in maintaining a “youthful vigor and energy level.”

The main libido meal

Time for the main course…In keeping with our theme, may we suggest seafood with its many varieties of libido-boosting zinc? Specifically, pick oily fish like Salmon, Sea Bass and Tuna. They all have good sources of heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

 "valentines day"Image collection / flickr

Oven Roasted Sea Bass with Ginger and Lime Sauce originally featured in Bon Appetite but found on Epicurious. It’s a simple 5 ingredient dish, requires little prep time and 10-12 minutes of cooking time.

As a seafood alternative, consider making a Roast Rack of Lamb. Food and Wine and others view it as a truly romantic dish to serve your Valentine. Lamb is easy to prepare and takes little time to cook.

Finish with…Dessert

On to the best part of the meal…dessert. Chocolate is sensual, from its taste to its aroma. In particular, dark chocolate has been shown to cause a spike in dopamine, which induces feelings of pleasure.

Go ahead and make those Chocolate-covered strawberries using our Kitchology recipe from the post: Sugar Detox Your Valentines Day Chocolates (with Xylitol). Even though it is not technically an aphrodisiac, it does contain phenyl ethylamine, tryptophan, and serotonin. These substances are thought to enhance both sexual arousal and the feeling of falling in love.

We hope your #Valentine’sDay is memorable. Care to share your successful dishes with us @Kitchology and @Kitchenchick123? We’ll post them on the social channels.


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