How To Fill Your Easter Surging With Goodness


What Makes The Cute Bunny Free At Easter Time?

Why is it the bunny hops free on Easter? Think about it…in stark contrast, to say, another holiday where we’re all about the bird? This year, will you dine on a ham or lamb, two of the most traditional choices? Will you start your day with hot cross buns and colored eggs? We all have our own traditions. If you’re looking for ideas download Kitchology’s Eat.Better app to tap into a treasure trove of new ones.

It’s Not Kosher

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Before refrigeration, preserving meats was an arduous task. People just ate what was available. Enter your Spring cured ham and whatever else wasn’t finished over the long winter months. Staying bacon free this Easter? Maybe, dousing the ham in orange juice and bourbon would appeal to your guests? Sweet glazes and wine basting are the popular choices. Moreover, preparing your pork in an oil or condiment based sauce works as well.

Mary Had A Little…

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Eating lamb is linked to the first Jewish Passover. Back then, it was roasted, served with bitter herbs and unleavened bread. Believers consumed it hoping to ward off harm. Over time, preparation evolved. What do you do to draw out it’s natural flavor? This year, along with rosemary and mint why not add pomegranate molasses? How about a citrus glaze? Just because it was bitter the first time doesn’t necessarily mean it always need to be bitter.

Not To Be Confused With The Song

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Believe it or not, hot cross buns is not only musically entertaining, it’s also quite a tasty treat for Easter. These yeast based sweet rolls with added currants or raisins do take some advance preparation but the family will welcome them as a start to your special day. Plus, their filling nature may keep the kids from plowing through their baskets faster.

Eggsactly What It Sounds Like

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You don’t necessarily have to be hard boiled to enjoy this next dish. The deviling is in the details of making safe hard-boiled eggs. Once they heat properly in a boiling water bath, peel away the outer shell and you’re ready with these nutritional powerhouses. Will it be a chunky fuss free salad or some broccolini this year? Take time to make sure you make the most of all the eggs-traordinary goodness.

Easter is just brimming with potential. In case, you want even more recipes to stick in your bonnet — check out these 172 ideas. Only thing missing is bells and, maybe, whistles. Enjoy the hunt and the bunnies too! Once you’re done scavenging, share what you’ve collected this #Easter @Kitchology and @Kitchenchick123.


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